General Services

  • Licensed Personal Registrar (domain service)
  • Web Design
  • Email Outreach
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Streaming Media, Radio Station
  • Online Marketing
  • Gateway Integration for Payments Online
  • Mass Domain Whois Lookup Services
  • Custom Windows Software
  • Database Hosting and Management
  • Inerpersonal Commission Based Marketing (ICBM)
  • Digital Graphics, Logos, Art
  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Lead Generation
  • CMS, Joomla, Wordpress
  • Mobile Apps

The Startbutton Business Model

Our business model is successful because it stresses customer satisfaction. Instead of delivering everything you could possibly want on some date far in the future this process delivers the software you need as you need it. Our business model empowers our developers to confidently respond to changing customer requirements, even late in the life cycle.

Our business model emphasizes teamwork. Managers, customers, and developers are all equal partners in a collaborative team. Our business model implements a simple, yet effective environment enabling teams to become highly productive. The team self-organizes around the problem to solve it as efficiently as possible.

Our business model improves a software project in five essential ways; communication, simplicity, feedback, respect, and courage. Our developers constantly communicate with their customers and fellow developers. They keep their design simple and clean. They get feedback by testing their software starting on day one. They deliver the system to the customers as early as possible and implement changes as suggested. Every small success deepens the respect that each team member has for the unique contributions of each other team member. With this foundation, our developers are able to courageously respond to changing requirements and technology.

The most surprising aspect of our business model is its simple rules. Our business model is a lot like a jig saw puzzle. There are many small pieces. Individually the pieces make no sense, but when combined together a complete picture can be seen. The rules may seem awkward and perhaps even naive at first, but are based on sound values and principles. Our rules set expectations between team members but are not the end goal themselves. We have come to realize these rules create an environment that promotes team collaboration and empowerment, and that is our goal. Once this goal is achieved, productive teamwork will continue even as rules are changed to fit your pecific needs.


Joining Forces

If you are in need of the services we provide but don’t have the overhead to cover the cost, we can help get your project off the ground. If we feel your project deserves our investment of time and resources, for a future return, we can collaborate with you to ensure your project becomes airborne.

Hourly Rate


Our hourly rates are low on an industry wide scale. So, if you prefer hourly rated performance, we can provide excellent service on the clock as well. Our rates begin at $45/hour for basic website builds or modifications. This also includes content management sites (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, and many other popular systems.


In conjunction with raw website creation comes the need for graphics development and integration. Our minimum rate for the creation or manipulation of digital art and graphics is in parity with our website creation at $45/hour. Raster, vector, ray-tracing, 3d modeling and other spiffy words are in our digital toolbox. Also available are digitized, hand-drawn originals. Artists are standing by.


Our minimum rate for software engineering, creation, programming, modification is $75/hour. We speak ASP.NET 1.1,2.0,3.5,4.0, c#, jQuery,Classic ASP, VBscript, Javascript, HTML, DHTML, CGI, PHP, Perl, E-Commerce Integration, IIS 2.0,3.0,4.0,5.0,6.0,7.0 configuration, installation and administration, TCP/IP Stack, Custom TCP/IP protocols, Microsoft Azure, VB.NET, SQL.NET, LINQ, Visual Basic 3.0-2010 SQL, 8088 Assembly, Quickbasic 4.5, Microsoft Visual C, Windows API, Winsock, TCP/IP, ADO, CGI, Perl, Borland Pascal, UNIX: Cobol, Shell, C, SQL (Oracle/Postgres/Minerva), AS/400: CL/400, RPG/400, SQL, AS/400 EDI / Gentran v3040, 3060.


Our hourly rate for database creation and management is also $75/hour. These services include the wielding of MS SQL Server 6.5,7.0,2000,2005,2008, Azure, Oracle, Microsoft Access 95/97/2000/2003, mySQL, Paradox 3.5, DBA experience includes server installation, physical database design, performance tuning, security configuration, and maintenance.


Where complete jobs require a mix of the above listed skills, hourly rate is tracked per unique task. Every action taken is documented and logged within out proprietary Collaboration Coordination Central. We ensure complete transparency throughout the course of our work. Tasks, times, dates, rates, totals are available for your preview 24/7.

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Startbutton Overview

We’ve been at it a long time. In fact, our managing partners have been involved in I.T. since 1980 and involved in web development since 1995. Through that experience we’ve noticed that many technology projects are not successful and we’ve studied the reasons why. We’ve created a business model that avoids those common pitfalls by matching the best I.T. talent with the most important ideas that are developing in technology. We also have a special place in our hearts for the most important ideas that are developing for mankind as a whole. Through open collaboration and a vested interest in your project, we become a unified team. We avoid the conflict of situations where the goal becomes more about billing you, than it is about producing excellence. For our part, we have come to know that ultimately, financial reward will be found only as a by-product of creating excellence, and through the magic of technology, sharing that excellence with the world.

At Startbutton, our only self-imposed mandate is quality. Our preferred mode of business is in limited collaborative partnerships that are financially amicable. In fact, we have even been known to provide free work to good causes. We are a guild of geeks, patriots and autodidacts who would enjoy talking to you about your project. Please feel free to say hello.

Our Motivations

What We Do

If the fancy introduction hasn’t convinced you to contact us, perhaps a listing of our vast expertise will do the trick. To the left ← is a listing of our General Services. Below ↓ you will find the same services listed with a brief explanation of precisely what they are. We’ll keep each break-down brief to ensure we keep your interest.

  Domain Registrar

We are a licensed registrar and have been since 1997. This means we are able to provide personal domain registration for our customers. Unlike many of the big-box domain centers, we take a private (concierge) service approach.

  Web Design

We provide custom website services to include graphics, (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and (CMS) Content Management Services. We speak Linux (PHP) and Windows (C# Razor, ASP.NET) ensuring we are completely flexible.

  Email Outreach

Total support for email marketing. We have tools and services that allow the managing of email addresses (opt-ins and opt-outs) and the sending of emails. Having our own email server provides us with a platform for overcoming barriers, then generating unique solutions to complex ideas.

  Custom Web Applications

We are a full-force development powerhouse! Web Applications are designed to make your business run more smoothly and save you time and money. Different from a static website, a web application is software that runs on a server, over the internet and typically through your browser.

  Online Marketing

Online marketing, or Internet marketing, allows you to promote your products and services online at a lower cost than traditional advertising. It helps you grow your business because it provides qualified leads from potential customers who are looking for your products and services.

  Online Payments

Online payment services allow business and consumers to exchange money electronically over the Internet. With an online payment service, your business can receive payment from virtually any customer with an email account. Online payment services have recently become very popular with businesses and consumers.

      Mass Whois Lookup

We can provide mass WHOIS discovery. WHOIS is a protocol used to find information about networks, domains and hosts. This information can include a domain’s registrar of record, contact details for the domain’s owner, expiry date of the domain and the status of a domain.

  Custom Windows Software

Windows is a powerful operating system, and when it comes to Windows application development, the possibilities are endless. From small utilities to large business suites, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to make your idea a reality.

  Database Management

We can supply you with custom programs that enable you to store, modify, and extract information from databases. There are many different types of DBMSs, ranging from small systems that run on personal computers to server-side databases enabling portability to large scale data management.

  Digital Graphics, Art

We can provide marketing consultation services in the area of digital graphics, color printing, postcards, magazines, newspaper ad design, logos, corporate identity and promotional products. We can also advise you on proper billboard marketing as we have access to billboards across the nation. Ask us about advertising costs.

  ICBM Marketing System

Interpersonal Commision Based Marketing (ICBM): Why allow big mega-corporations to with huge budgets to manage and control all the major products and services we use through massive marketing budgets and massive customer service departements that only serve to frustrate, confuse, consolidate, and control?

ICBM changes the paradigm. Imagine a society where people can earn a meaningful passive income simply by referring products and services that are truly good… with their name on the line. In additon, imaging contacting a friend, or a friend of a friend, when you need help or support with a particular product or service. Someone who cares about the product, and cares about your satisfaction. This concept is world-changing. Startbutton can help you be part of that change.

  Social Media

We can provide custom social networking platforms or produce and setup turn-key communities. We can design and develop niche online communities with unique and fully customized features which can include enhancements ranging from branding to marketing.

      Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are in high demand, and developers are in short supply so we re-tooled and are able to provide scalable, custom mobile apps. Your mobile app can range from static data to functional software. Ask us about mobile apps.


SEO (in simple terms) involves writing pages that use keywords, words people use in searches, and securing links from other pages to show how important your page is compared to others. Links are votes and votes get you elected. SEO is more or less quality control performed on a website to increase its chances of a better position in search engine results.

      Lead Generation

We are skillful in the craft of lead generation. Lead generation is a marketing “phrase” that refers to making, creating, or “generating” potential interest or inquiry from consumers or potential clients into your product or service.

  CMS, Joomla, WordPress

A content management system (CMS) is a computer system that allows publishing, editing, and modifying content as well as site maintenance from a central page. It provides a collection of procedures used to manage workflow in a collaborative environment. We speak WordPress, Joomla and others.

More Than Websites!

We have performed work for Radio Stations, Political Action Committees, Senate, Congressional and Executive Branch Election Campaigns, Banking, News Organizations, and Non-Profits. We are all over the map! Below is a gallery of some of our works, we have more but one page is enough.

Contact Us!

We would like to hear from you and we welcome any ideas you have to share. Use the comment section below and introduce yourself or install Skype and click on the hovering button on the left of your screen. Do not be shy! Drop us a note and ask us some questions. Let’s get the ball rolling!

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